What is BMi

The second of three mission programs, BMi stands for Business Mission India. BMi directly facilitates business trade missions by way of visiting to the chosen country of the year.

There is a dire need for business & trade mission travel to laser focus on the customer expectations understanding, competitors’ identification, local suppliers’ study, laws of the land, etc.

India’s bilateral trade with Africa is $89.5 billion in 2021-22

In 2020-21 it was $56 billion and India among the top investors

Primary Agenda

BMi is designed to facilitate business trade missions tour by way of taking only thirty delegates from India to the chosen country and vice versa.

The mission will be sector specific and ably supported by the local govt and business chambers. This program needs physical participation. Hence travel guidelines and restrictions between the countries at that time apply.

General Agenda

This is an annual program program with the emphasis on the following,

  1. Understanding the local market
  2. Industrial visits to witness the capability of the potential partner
  3. Explore and learn new technologies to bring back home
  4. Meeting with the local business community, associations and chambers

The program will be for 10 days partly sponsored and the rest by the self.


  1. Direct business networking
  2. Access to local Business community
  3. Brand exposure
  4. Foreign business connections and collaborations
  5. Access to foreign customers