Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions regarding iBET delegation and sponsorship has been provide below. These questions are based on past regular queries. In case you have questions outside those given below, you may reach us via our contact form. We will assure to provide as much clarity and if it may fit to on a common level, it may be included to the questions below.


iBET 2022 is a virtual event for small & medium businesses (SMBs), startups, traders, manufacturers, service sectors from India and Africa.

The agenda is already published on the website which also fairly outlines the contents that would be delivered at iBET 2022 event.

iBET 2022 is unique in multiple ways. It’s the only B2B event which serves as a platform where “you” the delegate will introduce your business / product to the entire participants.

The delegate need not get worked up with exchange of more cards first to later discover after that majority of them irrelevant. Our process generates enquiries specific to you and we will share it to you as our post program service support.

The delegate will go through business pitch training beforehand to become effective on the day of the event.

iBET 2022 program video will be available to the delegates who subscribe to our YouTube channel after the program is completed. This will help in referring to the enquiries a delegate got for the business / product pitch session that helps in accurately reaching the business leads. Since iBET is a quarterly program, the subscribers increase substantially and so will be the viewership.

Translation assistance is also available on standby in Hindi and English.

Your brand can get visibility in two ways –

(1) As a sponsor with exclusive visibility perks you can reach to 200 million SMBs across India and Africa. For sponsorships, click here.

(2) As a delegate by pitching your business to the rest of the delegates, sponsors, support organizations, event partner and various guests attending this event. To register as a delegate, click here.

For delegate registration fees, click here.

IFBC is conglomerate of industry influencers and professionals who have been working with the SMBs for decades. Visit IFBC Genesis page to know more about it. iBET 2022 in November is the 5th program.

You can click here for exact info

Unlike other programs, neither last minute registrations nor refunds are encouraged as the program is highly curated with definite number of participants.

We allow substitutes under unavoidable circumstances. However please beware that we do not encourage substitutes who are untrained as it increases the risk of poor performance leading to poor enquiries. This is because every delegate will be trained in a certain way and are attuned to expect the same.


The event will be carried out on Zoom and privately hosted on YouTube Channel. The links will be sent via email.


We have capped registrations per country for the reason stated in FAQs 8 & 9.

Most of the international businessmen and women are very formal and it reflects on their dress code. We encourage all the delegates to be dressed up in a professional manner as you will be presenting your business pitch too. To know more about the program terms and conditions, click here.

IFBC’s iBET 2022 promo videos will be public while the program video will be private and accessible only to the subscribers. This will help in referring to the enquiries a delegate got for the business / product pitch session. Infact this is another unique feature that helps in accurately reaching the business leads.

You can reach us through ibet@ifbconline.org. If you have registered, you must have received an email with customer support details.


iBET 2022 has 1 sponsorship type and a product launch opportunity. To know more about sponsorships, click here. You can also see the previous sponsors and supporting organizations.

click here to see the options and benefits

Currently we experience heavy demand as we give 12X more digital visibility. You will be on a wait list and receive the next available slot in case of cancellation.

iBET is a highly curated program format. Hence the speakers, sponsors, business sectors and delegates are not altered.

Usually it is unlikely at the sponsor and product launches level. It may be possible at the delegate level. A well-presented pitch will make its own way through the crowd despite competition.

Sponsors are provided with the roster of the event as part of the post program service. To know more on sponsorships, click here.

IFBC offers various modes of payments to Indian participants. While US Dollars is accepted in foreign currency via PayPal only.

As a sponsor your brand can get visibility in twelve exclusive ways that reaches to 200 million We take iBET to 200 million SMBs across India and Africa. As a sponsor your brand gets the same visibility Besides, you will be assigned with an exclusive relationship manager who will support before, during and post the event. To know the list of exclusive perks for sponsorships, click here.

As a sponsor, yes you can send a can send a substitute who is capable of harnessing the business potential by making an impressive pitch.

The event will be carried out on Zoom and additionally privately hosted on IFBC Channel in YouTube. We include sponsors branding in the zoom screens and YouTube channel.

Yes, it can be done at a very nominal cost. To know more, write to sponsorship@ifbconline.org with the subject line “YouTube Ad”.

The program videos stay permanently on our IFBC YouTube Channel that would be revisited by the subscribers. Since iBET is a quarterly program, the subscribers increase substantially and so will be the viewership for your ad until you wish to withdraw.

We recommend using your corporate email ID to subscribe to our YouTube Channel. You can request for a removal of the subscriber from the private access contents list.

It depends on the type of sponsorship. Usually all sponsors make business presentations. To know the exact info for every sponsorship type, click here.