As the famous saying goes … “the proof is in the pudding”, here are few of the acknowledgements and testimonials that tell tales about our organization. A warm thanks to our members and delegates who are part of the IFBC fraternity. It’s a journey of brotherhood.

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Alok Jain

Chartered Accountant

Noida, India

“I became prime member in June 2021 to test network. Then I attended iBET 2021 with Taiwan. This conference focused on b2b matching with less speakers session. I wanted 5-10 leads and got 6x returns.”

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Dipak Kumar Singh

Professional Services

Kota, India

“I am a prime member. I know how to network but was not making proper business pitch. I learnt effective business pitch through iBET. Now my networking is more purposeful and able to connect with ease to anybody.”

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Kaushal Didwania

Medical Electronics

Ahmedabad, India

“I am importer of medical equipments. In my 35 years of business experience, iBET conference was the best according to me. Worth spending 2 days. I am elite member and business support by the good office is awesome.”

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Mukul Mehta

Bio-pharma Manufacturer

Pune, India

“I first attended iBET and found it very different from regular conferences. Usually, b2b match making is just putting same businesses together. But iBET was very smart and logical. I got 2 major leads for export. Then in Dec 2021 I directly became elite member.”

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Unni Menon

Electronic Equipments (Retail)

Trivandrum, India

“While I have grown my startup so has IFBC and I continue to find value in all their offerings. This is the only organization that really works to benefit their members. In monthly domestic B2B, quarterly international B2B”

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Rajendra Bopanna

Consumer Electronics Import

Hubli, India

“I am proud to be associated with IFBC. It made possible for me to participate in the larger world of passionate entrepreneurs. I became elite member of this professional network for keeping up with people and work they do. I value iBET program because there is “greater quality leads”.”

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Manish Pandya

Special Package Food Processing

Jamnagar, India

“As a business owner, I joined as prime member and now an elite member. Reason was not to miss out a single opportunity. IFBC is awesome. Management support is awesome. Network is always worth millions. Ideas and opportunities are mind blowing.”

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Amit Kumar

Solar Batteries

Indore, India

“As an Elite member I had a technology transfer completed, had our company’s future goals well initiated, and most recently obtained subsidies exclusively matching my sector. I would highly recommend this iOSA service to any SME at local to find undisclosed opportunities every month!”

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K S Manikandan

Automobile Accessories

Erode, India

“My membership in IFBC has been an invaluable part of my professional life connecting me with SMEs both domestically and internationally, as well as keeping me informed of major research and policy developments from Indian govt for my business growth”.

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Manjit Chauhan

Consumer Electronics

Ludhiana, India

“IFBC is the largest advocate for small business in our County. Small Businesses are able to have their voices heard through this organization. The iBET is a leader in organizing business conference to pass the specific matchmaking of our requirement that will enhance the quality of a B2B in our community!”    

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Lalit Garg

IT Services

Kolkata, India

“Simple things are missed by many associations. If member is young, then he will be ignored for almost everything. If member is experienced, he will be taken for granted to know everything. IFBC treats everyone with care and listens to us every month. There is so much learning and discovery. I am prime member and will soon upgrade.”

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Javed Ansari

Consumer Electronics

 Aligarh, India 

“I think everyone should be a member of their local chapter of IFBC. But, I encourage you to get even more involved as a chapter too. Shortly after being elected as state representative, I sat in meetings with Indian govt bodies and was proud to have a job pending with every opportunity at the table.”

Stalwart's Speak

“This is a wonderful opportunity for enterprises and entrepreneurs to network & connect with international enterprises to promote local to global. This also promotes technology up-gradation and capacity building with Taiwan Enterprises.”

Dr. J R Bangera

National Board Member, Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India

“As much as SMEs suffered economical downturn due to COVID-19, it has also opened up new modes and methods to do business. A new culture of accepting online business development, marketing and sales has emerged. SMEs must capitalize on this to go global.”

Dr. Kalpana Srilalitha

Award Winning Entrepreneur, Co-Founder & Director, Datakue Group

"This program is in the right direction since the domestic market is already very huge and easy to access or exercise any kind of ideas or business plan from Taiwan."

Frank Chen

Director, Dulink Technology-Taiwan