The First Mission

iBET stands for India Business Exchange & Trade. It is first of the three mission programs of IFBC, delivered as a quarterly virtual business conference between Indian and foreign SMEs.

iBET is designed to be upto 5x more successful and economical than any typical business conference. The business sectors are limited to five per quarter and the delegates are limited to twenty-five from each sector.

  • 5x more beneficial
  • One country a year
  • Quarterly meet up

Primary Agenda

One country will be focused each year for collaboration and cooperation between the Indian and the chosen foreign country SMEs.

The primary agenda is to showcase each iBET delegate products or services through an elevator pitch to the potential Indian market and vice versa, thus functioning as a catalyst for business collaboration, exchange and trade between the SMEs.

General Agenda

A highly curated program with less no. of speaker’s session and more time for business interactions and transactions. The speaker sessions are more informative represented by the Ministry of MSME, sharing the exclusive support for SMEs specific to the chosen 5 sectors.

The Benefits

  1. A 100% COVID-19 safe business conference
  2. Save costs on travel, accommodation and food expenses
  3. A 45 seconds trained elevator pitch by every delegate
  4. SME delegates from 5 sectors only for better visibility and focus
  5. Only 25 SMEs a sector for hi-power networking and post-program followup
  6. A complimentary business ROSTER of all participating delegates
  7. Primary market research at a nominal fee for India office setup
  8. Free elevator pitch training, matchmaking and business roster