Organization Structure

Organization Structure

The Council

IFBC is represented by a governing body, who are essentially the successful business leaders from various sectors as council members. The governing body is the primary “Advisory Council” that focuses on IFBC policy and programs.


Each of the council member is invited based on the standing in their business, their social front and other endeavours as a whole.

The strength of the team is each individual member.

The strength of each member is the team.

Overall Leadership Framework


The Chairman leads the organization to achieve the mission and objectives. General Secretary and Honorary Treasurer together with the Chairman are the office bearers who manage the board and the executive committee. The board includes Governing Body, Regional Committee and the office bearers. Chapter Representatives report to the Regional Committee Chairs.

Chairman & Governing Body

1. Mrs. Smitha Gupta – Chairman, 2021 – 23 

2. Capt. Unni Krishnan – Policy Council, 2021 – 23

3. Dr. Sajini Dutta – Policy Council, 2021 – 23
4. Flt. Lt. Shanthi P – Policy Council, 2021 – 23
5. Sheena Nair Bora – Policy Council, 2021 – 23

6. Rahul Mukherjee – Policy Council, 2021 – 23

7. Ayanraj Selvakumar – Policy Council, 2021 – 23

Regional Committee

At the secondary level, there is a Regional Committee of seven Chairmen who are the face of IFBC. This is a global role and hence the Chairmen are from countries belonging to the region.

1. Dinesh Kumar –  Committee Chairman – Asia, 2021 – 23

2. Liza Carmel – Committee Chairman – Australia, 2021 – 23

3. Helen Mathews – Committee Chairman – Europe & UK, 2021 – 23

4. Darryl Bishop – Committee Chairman – N. America, 2021 – 23

5. Edesio Santos – Committee Chairman – S. America, 2021 – 23

6. Charles Kocher – Committee Chairman – MEA, 2021 – 23

7. Deepak Sreeramana – Committee Chairman – India, 2021 – 23

Chapter Leaders

The back bone of ground level implementation is our India Chapter Leaders from 20+ locations covering PAN India. Being the seventh largest country in the world, India has 28 states and 8 union territories.


Based on the safe and ease of doing business as the index, we have our chapter presence in the following locations. Mouse over to see our presence.

The Executives

Finally, there is an executive committee that would carry out the implementation of all IFBC programs crafted by the governing body and facilitated by the regional committee, throughout the year.


The executive committee are employees of IFBC providing ground level support to the SMEs opting respective programs.