Smart Agriculture


Cutting edge technology becomes more dedicated to the farmer and finds its opportunities in farming and adjacent spaces.
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Competitive advantage of India: High proportion of agricultural land, diverse agro-climatic conditions encourage cultivation of different crops (23% of the GDP, employing 59% of the country’s total workforce).

Attractive opportunities: Demand for agricultural inputs and allied services like warehousing and cold storages is increasing in India at a fast pace.

Need of hour: Most farmers in India have meager incomes, which may prevent them from reaping the benefits of this digital revolution in agriculture. Therefore, agri-tech start-ups must tailor their services and products in a way that the benefits can reach the farmers and they readily embrace the change.

Accessibility of work was another enormous issue as laborers liked to relocate to urban communities and work in industrial plants. Nagpur based engineer chose to change to different yields and present-day farm equipment, which do not require much labor. He chose to change to different yields and present-day farm equipment, which do not require much labor. A case of such kinds of equipment utilized by some Indian farmers is the Driverless Tractor Technology – created by Mahindra. Unexpectedly, ranchers like him can settle on such decisions now since, not at all like previously, they don’t need to purchase all the equipment. Indeed, even with a low financial plan, they can lease farm equipment utilizing applications like Trringo.

StateFarm land sizeCropProfit per annum
Nagpur26 Acre

Oranges, guavas, lemons, sweet limes, crude bananas.

Toor Dal.

Rs. 1 crore  (dal factory)

Rs.10-12lakh (from cultivation

Agro advisory chatbot.

AgriGuru , which associates farmers with agri-experts across the nation to permit a trade of thoughts. Rajasthan based new generation farmer found that if he sets his sight further away from home and utilized online portals to get to public and global business sectors, he could undoubtedly sell his produce well. He found that selling the extricated pulp at a lot more higher costs.



Farm land size


Profit per annum


>100 Acres

Aloe Vera

Rs. 1.5 to 2 crore.

Sustainable food system

On the other hand, manufacturers will have to cater to demands for healthier and diversified food; while managing under nutrition and micro nutrient deficiencies in developing economies. A decade from now, feeding the global population in a safe, sustainable, and responsible manner will require unprecedented innovation and coordination by all stakeholders in the global food value chain. 

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