What is iOSA

iOSA is a program that helps foreign companies set up their presence in India. The business presence could be of various types such as India marketing office, manufacturing units, joint venture, subsidiaries, supply chain structure, other forms of business investments, etc.

Strategic Business Partnership

Largest Consumer Market

Indo-African Impex

African continent is a good buyer from India. The exports have increased from US$56 billion US$89.5 billion from 2020-21 to 2021-22 respectively. Typically mineral fuels. Oils, distillation products top the list of export from India followed by Electrical & Electronics, Machineries, boilers, organic chemicals and much more.

It’s a known fact that Africa is rich in natural resources. India imports less items comparatively to the amount of exports. However, a vast majority of exports from Africa to India are raw materials such as crude oil, gold, raw cotton, and precious stones.

Indo-Taiwan Impex

Currently, India to Taiwan exports stand at 31st rank and Taiwan to India imports stand at 17th rank in trading compared to other countries. There are already 106 Taiwan company subsidiaries that have their supply chain operations in India. 

With India importing PVC, machinery, organic chemicals, electrical machinery, ICT products & solar cells and Taiwan importing naphthol, metal & metal products, organic chemicals & agricultural products, there is a dire need for business & trade mission to laser focus on the customer expectations understanding, competitor’s identification, local suppliers study, laws of the land, etc.


Start India based company in 2 weeks

How iOSA helps

iOSA is designed to meet the common goal of economic mission by way of facilitating India office setup assistance to the foreign companies in India. To know the USP of iOSA and further information on what we offer, send in your queries.