Legal Disclaimer

Legal Disclaimer

For IFBC & It's Programs

IFBC, iBET, BMi and iOSA are the registered trademarks of Indo-Foreign business Council (“IFBC”). All images, logos, contents, blog posts, articles, brochures, agendas and offers provided on our website (https://ifbconline.org and its bus-domains) are the intellectual property of IFBC and its respective owners. IFBC has obtained required permissions to use any third-party information, images and logo etc. IFBC has also provided due credit courtesy to the third party’s images, content and data, research, statistics etc. You are permitted to reuse, republish, or reprint contents from our website only if you provide due courtesy to the respective content owners.


The information provided in our website is deemed to be fit and correct to the best of our efforts and knowledge. Such information provided by us in our website is restricted for the awareness or know-how purposes to the intended visitors or readers or participants or persons only. Such information may be subject to periodical changes.


The purpose of IFBC is only to enable business exchange, collaborations and fair trade among the SMBs/SMEs globally. The participants must be 21 years & above and legally competent under required laws to participate in the event. IFBC only provides a platform for participants to network for business growth and does not guarantee any business order. The output from this networking event purely depends on the performance, ability and endeavours of the participants.


IFBC promotes, encourages and supports fair and legal trade practices only. Any damages, losses incurred due to any form of trade practices or business activities outside the legal ambit is solely at the risk of the transacting parties. IFBC reserves the right to change this policy or any content of the website as it deems fit. It is strongly recommended to visit the website for the latest update.