iBET 2021

iBET 2021

The Chosen Country

India is a diverse nation and has many price sensitive locations. While the country always appreciated and supported brands like Apple, Toyota, Honda, etc. demonstrating the regard and affordability for the right quality, brand and its premium price.


For the year 2021, iBET council chose Taiwan to explore and connect the SMEs.

5 top performing sectors with long term prospects & growth

Only 25 SMEs per sector participate as delegates in June 2021

The Chosen 5 Sectors

The council conducted an extensive study on the Indian market post COVID-19 research conducted by world’s top organizations such as Google, KPMG, Analytics India, Invest India, Financial Express and India Today.


The sectors were chosen based on the following criteria a few of which belong to evergreen category,


  1. A steep growth prospects for the coming 3-5 years
  2. Represents a rough estimate of US$ 747 billion, that translates to almost 25% of India’s economy in FY21

Accordingly the following are the sector representations for 23rd and 24th September 2021


  1. Electrical & Electronics
  2. Food & Agro
  3. Automotive
  4. ICT Hardware
  5. Power & Energy

Why Taiwan

Taiwan, though a small nation has always exhibited the spirit of high quality and innovation thereby giving competition for Korean and Japanese product alternative to the Indian markets.


Besides, Taiwan has highly potential yet unexplored areas for collaboration and technology transfer, thus opening up new business avenues for the Indian SMEs in their homeland.